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As we opened The Land & Water Company, we knew we had to share the original, prohibition era, bar with our guests.  This lounge, hidden from the public, and not a concept, but a historical space of provenance. It is original, classic and timeless.

My Grandfather, Charles Kenneth Ruiz, was one of the top 30 people to break the sound barrier, a Naval Aviator, Captain of the USS Pollack, the diesel WWII submarine and a three war veteran. He received multiple Masters degrees from the nations most prestigious schools.

He helped raise me, and taught me to fish, and love the sea.  He was one of the highest decorated Naval officers in the United States, when he passed away at 93, just after the restaurant opened.  He was a loving man, a true gentleman who helped shape the fate of a Nation.  It became obvious that the name of this special place should honor him. The man who lead me to its creation.  The Charles Kenneth.

Passwords to enter The Charles Kenneth can be found below in our Instagram posts.
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